© Leslie R. Nitkiewicz

“Uh, Em? We got a lot of trouble out here. We’re sinking. We got the coast guard and another boat along side of us. We’re trying to get some pumps aboard. I’ll call you later.”

Sinking? I think, oh for God’s sake, I suppose you’ll have to come in then, huh? It’s always something, if not sinking then: Uh Em? We rim-racked the net, or a hose let go, the winch seized up, the power take off jammed, we lost a door, we lost the net, the LORAN went down, it’s breezin’ up pretty bad, we’re headed straight into some weather— waves coming over the bow, we skunked out, or caught our cod fish limit.”

Emily Cox A Fisherman’s Wife Cooks

Continue along Stacy Boulevard to see the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Memorial. The Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Cookbook Stories and Recipes contains interviews and history of the Fishermen’s Wives Association’s successful activism.