© Jessica Scranton

“There have been ups and downs with the lobstering off Cape Ann, but the lobsters have kept coming, and I’ve made a living every year. Today I still wouldn’t trade lobstering for any other job in the world, and if I had to do my life all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. In what other occupation can one simultaneously earn a living, be one’s own boss, work close to nature and be in sync with her rhythms and seasons, experience solitude (most of the time), and also get fresh air, exercise, and your own seafood?”

Peter Prybot lobsterman and fisheries photojournalist

Gloucester is Massachusetts’ leading port for lobster landings. Prybot’s books on the fishing industry and an interview by John Ronan are available at the Sawyer Free Library. Hold a lobster at Maritime Gloucester on Harbor Loop.