Painting: Breezing Up (A Fair Wind)
Winslow Homer. Breezing Up (A Fair Wind). 1873–76. Oil on canvas. Gift of the W.L. and May T. Mellon Foundation. National Gallery of Art, Washington

“I work hard every afternoon from 4:30 to 4:40, that being the limit of the light I represent, the title of my picture being Early Evening.”

Winslow Homer (Early Evening/Sailors Take Warning. 1881-1907. Overpainted many times. Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, DC)

Winslow Homer’s most celebrated images retain traces of his time in Gloucester. He increased his watercolor production after his visit to Gloucester in 1873. He returned seven years later for a full summer to Ten Pound Island, the ideal place to study the boats, fishermen, ocean, weather, and light of our busy harbor.