Captains Corageous
Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester MA

“There must have been nearly a hundred of them, of every possible make and build, with, far away, a square-rigged Frenchman, all bowing and curtseying one to the other. From every boat dories were dropping away like bees from a crowded hive; and the clamour of voices, the rattling of ropes and blocks, and the splash of the oars carried for miles across the heaving water. The sails turned all colours, black, pearly-grey, and white, as the sun mounted; and more boats swung up through the mists to the southward.”

As the Gloucester schooner, the We’re Here, approaches the Grand Banks in Rudyard Kipling’s Captains Courageous

Dory fishing, a hazardous undertaking that took several thousand lives, set pairs of men adrift in small dories from their mothership with baited hooks on long lines to catch what they could, sometimes as much as 2,000 pounds. It was replaced by motorized trawlers that dragged huge nets behind to snare everything around. See a dory being built and rowed at Maritime Gloucester or see historic dories at the Cape Ann Museum.