The Gloucester HarborWalk is a free amenity, a public path built to offer an engaging experience for residents, employees of surrounding businesses, and visitors. Walk our historic city and enjoy our downtown harbor on this self-guided path.



The HarborWalk includes granite posts dispersed along the HarborWalk throughout downtown. Fastened to each granite marker is a short selection, a "Story Moment," that introduces an aspect of Gloucester's rich history and culture.The black border along the bottom edge of each Story Moment suggests the cultural institutions, historic homes and activities where one might investigate further.

Story Moment Relief Icon

Each marker displays a unique icon. These are slightly raised and may be used to take pencil or crayon impressions.


Each Story Moment contains a QR bar code. Scan the code to find video clips, slide shows, and other content that relates to each topic.

Find the black and white square QR Code icon near the bottom right of the Story Moment markers. If your mobile device does not have a barcode scanning app, we have found the free ATTScanner App to be reliable and not carry advertisements.


The Gloucester HarborWalk presents short films that feature guided stories. These invite interaction with hidden artifacts, distant views, and places along the walk. They include an introduction to the three—part films, Blackburn and Fiesta! Download the free app via Google Play or the APP Store. Search: WALKING CINEMA POSTS FROM GLOUCESTER.


Postcard Points give tips on how to extend the Walk experience throughout the city. Twelve postcard images appear on signs to direct you farther. Download the free app via Google Play or the APP Store. Search: WALKING CINEMA POSTS FROM GLOUCESTER.

These 12 postcards also appear as virtual postcards to be sent via email from the desktop version of the website, ghwalk.org.


How do I find the HarborWalk map?
A downloadable map is available here or look for brochures with maps at the Stage Fort Park Visitors Center, the Chamber of Commerce, or City Hall.

Where does the HarborWalk begin?
The entrance to the HarborWalk is St. Peter's Square at the corner of Washington and Rogers Street (10 Rogers Street). Look for the tall curved light poles near the entrance and the sparkling green-gray path.

Where does the HarborWalk go?
From St. Peter's Square on Rogers Street, the HarborWalk traverses the working waterfront to Harbor Loop. The Walk then turns up to City Hall and the civic center, then turns back down through the historic district to St. Peter's Square.

Several markers lead to some of the City's most famous landmarks away from downtown. They include the Man At the Wheel and Fishermen's Wives statues on ocean-front, Stacy Boulevard, leading to Stage Fort Park. In all directions are views painted by famous artists. The Gloucester HarborWalk introduces the City's unique heritage and cultural contributions. This public space also serves as a respite and a place to meet and program.


Is there public transportation to Gloucester?

The Gloucester MBTA train originates from North Station, Boston, and continues to Rockport. The depot is a short walk to the Cape Ann Museum, City Hall, Main Street, and the harbor. Taxi services are available nearby.

Is there public transportation within Gloucester?

The seasonal water shuttle stops at points along the harbor, including St. Peter's Square, Harbor Loop, Cruiseport, Cripple Cove, and Rocky Neck. Or, leave your car at Stage Fort Park off Hough Avenue near the Visitors Center and take a seasonal trolley to St. Peter's Square or Harbor Loop. The public CATA buses stop at the signs posted downtown.

By Car

From Boston, travel time is approx.1 hour. From I-95 North to Peabody, continue on Rte. 128 North to Gloucester. At first rotary, take 3rd exit onto Washington Street. Continue to Joan of Arc statue. Bear right, then take next left on Angle Street. Drive down the hill to the corner of Rogers St. and Commercial St. at St. Peter's Square.


There is free parking at St. Peter's Square. There is metered parking or pay stations along the streets and other lots. See map for additional lots.


Restrooms are located at the Chamber of Commerce, Fitz Henry Lane House, Rose Baker Senior Center, Maritime Gloucester, City Hall, Sawyer Free Library, Stage Fort Park Visitor Center and various restaurants.


The HarborWalk is free and accessible for all. The downtown path is about 1.2 miles and expands farther as you please.

Hours and Admission

The Gloucester HarborWalk is free and always accessible.
Plan for New England weather.


We've tried to ensure that the Harborwalk online experience is compatible with most popular smartphone, tablet and desktop computers. If you are experiencing difficulty, please check that you are using the most current version of your web browser, Adobe Flash Player, and that you have a strong mobile signal.


If you are unable to watch video or hear the audio, you may need to update your web browser, and/or upgrade Adobe Flash Player.

The HarborWalk mobile experience relies on a strong mobile signal. Verizon Wireless customers may experience intermittent gaps in service along the trail.

If you believe you have found a legitimate technical "bug" and would like to report it, please describe the problem using the contact form. Please identify the device you are using as well as your browser, internet service provider and operating system to help us to resolve the problem.

++What if I Don't Have a Smart Phone?
Visit the website. View www.ghwalk.org from any desktop computer to enjoy many of the features available on mobile phones.


Step out to enjoy Gloucester's culture. Each Story Moment's black band notes the cultural institutions, historic homes and activities where you might investigate further. A choice of whale watches and boat excursions, award-winning theatre, art house cinema, lectures, readings, exhibitions and an exciting range of music choices are presented almost every day and evening. For options and travel tips see the city website, http://gloucester-ma.gov/index.aspx?NID=9, or go directly to gloucesterma.com; discovergloucester.com; capeannchamber.com; and capeannvacations.com


There are many restaurants, cafes and pubs on Rogers Street and on Main Street where you can dine in or take out. Benches are sited along the HarborWalk so that you can take advantage of views. There are picnic tables by the Fitz Henry Lane House on Harbor Loop and barbeque pits at Stage Fort Park.


We have the Seaport Advisory Council to thank for sharing in our community s vision, and making it all possible.

--more gHW history coming soon--


Have a question? Please send an email to Friends of the Gloucester HarborWalk using the contact form on this site or email gharborwalk@gmail.com. The HarborWalk is owned by the City of Gloucester; the website ghwalk.org is maintained and operated by Friends of the Gloucester HarborWalk. Friends of the Gloucester HarborWalk works with the Gloucester Community Development Department to make sure the the Walk is maintained as an extraordinary public space. If you'd like to be contacted for volunteer opportunities or learn more about Friends of the HarborWalk please email gharborwalk@gmail.com, subject line "Friends of ghwalk"


Who designed the HarborWalk?

Design lead for the Gloucester HarborWalk, including all architectural elements, palettes, materials, graphic design and branding by Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc The icons are designed by Chris Muskopf of Cambridge Seven Associates.

As part of C7A's vision of combining new and traditional media: Design & development of the iPhone & Android Mobile APP and Video production for "WALKING CINEMA Posts from Gloucester" by Untravel Media, Inc

Design & Development of Website & Mobile Website by Mike Ciolino at VerveBoston

Award Winning Walk

For a current listing of awards, please see Design